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Welcome to Paragliding San Francisco. Our instructors have been teaching paragliding and offering tandem flights in the San Francisco Bay area for 15+ years. All of our tandem pilots hold an advanced USHPA pilot rating. Over the years we have done thousands of flights and have maintained a perfect safety record.

Our instructors:


USHPA Advanced Tandem Instructor
ASC Powered Paragliding Instructor
Mike got started in aerial sports way back in 1992 while serving a three year military enlistment in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army. During his enlistment Mike got involved in civilian skydiving with the Green-brae sports club. In 2004 he transitioned from skydiving to paragliding and a few years later founded the school Sport Paragliding which has become one of the most popular paragliding schools in Northern California and in 2010 Sport Paragliding opened it’s sister school Paragliding San Francisco to serve the bay area.




Athlete: Honza Rejmanek Country: USA Location: Gaisberg, Austria Date: 16.7.09 Description: PortraitsHonza Rejmanek

USHPA Advanced Tandem Instructor
US Team member for the Red Bull X-Alps


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