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How safe is Paragliding?

Statistically paragliding is much safer on average than activities like motorcycling, horseback riding, or even driving in a car. Here at Paragliding San Francisco we have been teaching and flying for over 11 years and hold a perfect safety record.

Do I need any training or experience to fly?

Absolutely not. You need no experience to fly tandem. On the day of your flight you will go through a short preflight briefing then you will be clipped into a tandem harness with one of our fully USHPA qualified flight instructors run a few steps then sit back and enjoy the flight.

What should I wear?

On the day of your flight simply wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes such tenis shoes or hiking shoes, it’s also a good idea to bring a light jacket or windbreaker.

What do I need to take?

We’ll provide everything you need for your flight.

How long do flights last?

The typical flight last around 20 to 30 minutes but that’s not a hard time limit the most important thing for us is that you have a great time so we will usually fly until you are ready to land!

Is there a weight restriction to fly?

We have an upper weight limit for passengers of 280lb there is no lower weight limit.

What is the minimum – maximum age to fly?

There is no minimum age requirement and here at Paragliding San Francisco we have flown passengers from 4 to 97 years old, however passengers under 18 will need to have a liability release signed by a parent or legal guardian.

What time of day do we fly?

It depends on weather conditions but most flights are done in the afternoon since here in the San Francisco the wind usually gets good for flying around noon and stays good until sunset.

Where will we meet?

We have a number of flying locations in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Based on weather conditions we will choose which one is best to fly at for the day you come out. All of the sites have beautiful ocean and city views.

How does a Paraglider work?

Glad you asked 🙂 Here is a infographic which describes the basics of how modern paragliders work.

What is launching like do I have to run off a cliff?

Launching is a very easy procedure, here is a page which describes in depth how the launch process works.

Tandem Launching.

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