Parasailing San Francisco

Many people confuse para sailing / Parasailing  with Paragliding. When you go Parasailing, your towed behind a boat and typically get a couple of hundred feet above the water.



Paragliders fly free and don’t require a boat or anything else to tow them up they are similar to Hang gliders in this sense. All you need in order to Paraglide is the proper equipment and a suitable ridge or mountain to launch from.



There’s currently no place that offers Parasailing in San Francisco or the bay area. But there are quite a few schools that teach paragliding and offer paragliding tandem flights in the bay area. Because it is so easy to learn and so safe Paragliding has rapidly become far more popular than both Para sailing and Hanggliding.

Paragliding Tandem flights have also be a lot more popular than para-sailing flights for a number of reasons. When fly tandem with a qualified paragliding instructor you the views are better because your instructor has a more control over where you fly vs parasailing  where your simply dragged behind a boat and pretty much all you get to look at is the watter below you.

Another thing a lot of people dislike about para sailing is the tow rope which is constantly toughing and jerking on you while your in the air. With paragliding there is no tow rope so your flight is smooth and comfortable allowing you to relax enjoy the view.

If you would like to schedule a tandem Paragliding flight in San Francisco please visit our home page or calling 530 263 7558.

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