Ozone Roadster 2 PPG Wing

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Ozone Roadster 2 PPG Wing

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It is a paramotor specific glider, with characteristics similar to the Viper but with an overall much higher ease of use.

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Regular Price: $3,570.00

Special Price $3,450.00



All sizes of the Roadster are now certified EN Category C!!! The EN C certification is WITH 12cms acceleration, meaning that the Roadster is still certified EN C with full speed bar acceleration.

Reflex Speed with EN C / DMSV B Safety and Certification!

The Roadster was created for a wide range of intermediate paramotor pilots, ranging from XC distance fliers to ground skimmers and adventure pilots. It is a paramotor specific glider, with characteristics similar to the Viper but with an overall much higher ease of use.

The Roadster is for a wide range of intermediate and advanced paramotor pilots who want a reassuring amount of stability and a good cruising speed. The Roadster’s OZRP Technology (Ozone Reflex Profile) means that it is more stable in accelerated flight than a normal free-flight wing.

Special attention was put into the launching characteristics of the Roadster. The inflation is smooth and constant in any wind speed, and the wing comes up directly overhead without shooting in high winds or lagging behind in no wind, all of which means that your time will be spent enjoying your flight, not struggling with your launch.

The Roadster can also be flown without a motor. Its sink rate is low enough to soar in light lift, thermal in all conditions, and fly cross country. Although it is designed for pilots who fly majority (if not exclusively) under power, the Roadster performs excellently unpowered as well.

We hope that Intermediate and Advanced pilots will appreciate the easy launches, stable flights, and the high top speeds of this wing, which is designed to allow you to enjoy the flight without worrying about your wing.

The Ozone Roadster and Indy are two of the first wings to pass the tests necessary for the DMSV certification. We are pleased to announce that the Roadster M has received DMSV B: (without accelerator) DMSV-MS-5009-08. The Roadster is also certified EN C with accelerator.

“I have flown the roadster 5 times now and absolutely love it, I feel like a rockstar with the speed tighter turning all while feeling completely comfortable. I can easily launch in reverse with very light wind!”
Paul VanGroll, UK

Roadster video-review by www.OjoVolador.com (Theflyingeye), an online magazine for paragliding & paramotor pilots.


Cells 45 45 45
Projected Area(m2) 20.72 22.45 24.61
Flat Area (m) 24 26 28.5
Projected Span (m2) 8.81 9.16 9.6
Flat Span (m) 11.07 11.52 12.06
Projected Aspect Ratio 3.74 3.74 3.74
Flat Aspect Ratio 5.1 5.1 5.1
Root Chord 2.74 2.86 2.99
Glider Weight 5.4 5.7 6.15
Weight Range 65-105 80-120 95-140
EN / DMSV C / B C / B C

NOTE: The Roadster has been load tested to 150kg. 


The Roadster is constructed with Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution 45, and comes standard with Ozone Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points and a reinforced trimming system.


The Roadster comes complete with Ozone PPG Risers, Speed Bar (for the certified accelerator system), 140 liter Glider Backpack, Packing Strap and Inner Bag, Manual, Repair Cloth, and Ozone Stickers.


The Ozone Roadster and Viper both feature a customized Ozone Reflex Profile (OZRP) that has been tuned specifically for powered flight. The OZRP is what gives the Roadster and Viper their stability at high speed and collapse resistance in turbulent air.

This special airfoil design provides constant lift in a wider range of angles of attack. When you apply speed-bar or fly with the glider accelerated at a lower angle of attack, the RP takes effect and provides continuous lift and heightened stability.

Through carefully moderating the shape and amount of curve in the OZRP, we have found a balance that provides increased lift at low angles of attack, while still retaining excellent launch characteristics and stall resistance, two crucial aspects in motor wings.


Watch the video!

Ozone Roadster 2 PPG Wing


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