SOL Atmus LTF / EN B Entry Level Paraglider

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SOL Atmus LTF / EN B Entry Level Paraglider

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The Atmus One is a brand new project based on our more than 20 years experience, coupled with cutting edge software.

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Regular Price: $2,930.00

Special Price $2,850.00




The Atmus One is an EN/LTF B placed between our Prymus and Ellus series. It attends pilots who leave school as also entering to the B category, where the pilot continues developing his flying skills performing great flights with trust and security.

The Atmus One is a brand new project based on our more than 20 years experience, coupled with cutting edge software.

As a result of the continuous evolution of the new projects big differences of performance and demands are present in the same certification category.

Now, the A and B class is being attended by SOL Paragliders through 4 paraglider models in order to offer each pilot the equipment that corresponds the best choice to fly with security and performance.


  • New design; 
  • 15 mm risers; 
  • Light weight fabrics; 
  • BT: Battens technology; 
  • Great gliding and velocity within its category; 
  • Easy take-off without passing tendency;, 
  • Precise handling with long break-range.

Flight Characteristics

Its higher aspect ratio allows a more precise piloting both to active pilots who like to use the body, as well as to passive pilots who prefer to act using the brakes. This characteristic allows a great performance in weak and strong thermals, while stability is maintained.

• Long and tolerating brake length; 
• Excellent and precise handling; 
• High internal pressure; 
• Stability in full speed; 
• Light reactions in extreme conditions; 
• Good passive safety; 
• Excellent take off characteristics, even in nil wind; 
• Comfortable piloting; 
• Good behaviour in thermals.

Construction Characteristics

The Atmus One presents:

  • Top and bottom design; 
  • 3 Risers; 
  • Riser for big ears; 
  • Diagonal bands to reduce weight and the number of lines; 
  • Reinforcement Battens(BT techology); 
  • Opening on the stabilizers to remove dirt; 
  • Panels, profiles and parts cut by laser.



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Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL Paragliders are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV.

Top/Bottom: WTX 40 - 40 g/m2 

Profiles: Pro Nyl 42 g/m2 rip stop covered with poliuretano

Reinforcements: BT techology 

Lines: 1,1 - 1,5 - 2,1 mm Cousin Technora Superaram 

Risers: Fitanew 15 x 2,0 mm Flat Multi 1600kg 

Carabiners: Ansung Precision 4mm 800kg 

Pulleys: SOL 


Comes with

    • Big deluxe backpack; 
    • Internal protection bag; 
    • Compression strap; 
    • Risers' protection sack;
    • Windsock;
    • User's Manual;
    • Basic Repair Kit;
    • Cap;
    • Speed bar;
    • Measuring tape to check the distance between carabiners.

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SOL Atmus LTF / EN B Entry Level Paraglider


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