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Paragliding San Francisco offers paragliding lessons and tandem paragliding flights in the SF Bay Area. We’re open 7 days a week and we can usually accept same day bookings for tandem flights. If you’re ready to learn to paraglide on your own we offer USHPA Certified paragliding instruction at a number of flying locations around the bay area and we teach year round! 


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Tandem Flights!

Taking a tandem flight requires no prior experience and we can usually take same day bookings! Call (415) 340-1999 now to schedule your tandem flight.

Paragliding Lessons

Are you ready to learn to paraglide? Learning to paraglide on your own is the adventure of a lifetime. All of our instructors are USHPA certified, and we teach lessons year round. 

Gift Certificate​s

Give the gift of flight to a loved one or friend. Tandem paragliding is the gift of an experience that they will never forget! Our gift certificates never expire and are fully refundable. 


  • Kevin S
    Kevin S

    The whole experience was just awesome, almost surreal, and Mike is just the perfect guide and pilot! Let’s start from the beginning, the booking: I texted Mike really short notice as I wanted to give my wife this flight as birthday gift. One text on Saturday, and after few minutes he got back to me and everything was arranged for Sunday! Actually, my wife wanted me flying as well, so Mike had no problems finding the way to accomodate both of us! He is really flexible when not fully booked! The day of the flight we had uncertain weather so we kept texting for last minutes updates, and no need to say he knows exactly the best flight conditions, so gave us top confidence that we’d fly on the best conditions. So my wife flew right away as we arrived. Then we had to wait a little for the conditions to get better for my flight and he had no problem waiting until they were perfect! Flying is not scary at all due to Mike’s professionality: the process starts with a short overview of the equipment and explanations of what will happen. Then take off, flight and landing were flawless for both of us! We flew from Mussel Rock, and this spot is really gorgeous, the views were really stunning. Mike explains every step, and during the flight there is a lot of interaction. We had a ton of fun. Flying is relaxing and exciting at the same time, and he can modulate between the two if you ask 🙂 The flight lasts nearly 30 minutes, but I had the feeling he kept flying for us as we never had enough! So, bottom line, we can’t imagine not being 200% happy after such an experience.

  • Hardy A.
    Hardy A.

    I was able to get a chance to do Paragliding with Mike, its just one of the most amazing event of my life.Why do paragliding, you ask?- You are up there for half hr, do i have to say anything else. This is the closest you can get to being a bird.When does it stop?Mike is very accommodating, he never even brought the topic of landing back. He is definitely not very strict about the time there, but the moment you feel content that’s the time you get down.Is it worth it?For sure, it’s not a 5-10 min thing it’s flying for half hr. You see the coast, the city all the way. Will definitely do it again

  • Alice Momo
    Alice Momo

    Great life flying adventure for me!!!! Mike is super very professional so I can see the extremely great view in my life flying with the accompany of sea, land and the blue sky which is a magical experience for me. Daniel is very kind. Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Rasha R
    Rasha R

    Today I had an excellent experience paragliding with Mike. The view was breathtaking and I was lucky to sea a dolphin jumping in the ocean . Mike is a very nice and friendly guy , he even dropped me back to the Bart after we were done . I defiantly recommend trying this lovely experience with Mike . 👍

  • Liz G.
    Liz G.

    Went here with with boyfriend for his birthday, mike was super professional and an EXPERT at what he does. The ride was smooth, enjoyable and so so so beautiful! My boyfriend went first then I went. Mike took him up a second time for a little bit after! He took awesome pictures that we got the same day. Overall, we loved it and would defiantly recommend!

  • Saumya S.
    Saumya S.

    Amazing experience ! Got a birds eye view of the Pacific . Mike is really nice and has been flying since a long time . Thank you so Much !!!

  • C M.
    C M.

    This was my first time paragliding and it’s safe to say I’ll be back for more! It wouldn’t have been the same without Mike. He was great throughout the entire experience – from booking, to departure, to landing. Since we drove from Sacramento, he kept my boyfriend and I posted about any possible weather changes that may have affected our flight. You can tell he is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what he does, in the 30 minutes flying together I learned a lot and felt completely safe the entire time. I also appreciated that he asked me how I was feeling, want to “take it up a notch, down a notch, or would you prefer some rollercoaster action over the ocean…”And he takes badass selfies :p

  • Jerolyn D.
    Jerolyn D.

    We gave my 16yo son a paragliding trip for his BD, which was last March.  Between school, vacations, Boy Scouts and everything else, it took us this long to finally book the trip and unfortunately, we picked a day with not a lot of wind (end of season apparently).  About 3:30 Mike, the owner, called us to let us know about the lack of wind and asked us if we wanted to wait to see if the wind picked up later in the afternoon.  We had a 4pm appointment and drove all the way from Novato, so we weren’t going to turn back once we got there.  It was one of those unbelievably beautiful days (we could see the Farallons from the Golden Gate Bridge), so we decided to stay and just enjoy ourselves at the beach (gorgeous views), with the hope that the wind would pickup…which it did, but not enough to really get a great flight in.  Mike was terrific though. As the afternoon wore on, we stayed in phone contact with Mike (he lives about 5 minutes away) re the wind and timing.  Mike gave us the option of cancelling, but we finally did start to notice a few flyers go up so we decided to give it a try.  Mike showed up, went over all of the safety info and took our son up, but unfortunately, because of the lack of wind, they were only able to take 2 short trips – but at least he got to go up!  While we were waiting, I was able to speak to several other paragliders coming up and down the hill.  Apparently this park is well known in the paragliding community because I met one gentleman from Livermore, who drove all the way here, just to fly.  Many of the “regulars” seemed to know Mike as well and, without exception, they all had great things to say about him and his skill level. In the end, Mike only charged us 1/2 price and asked that we come back in the Spring, which we will probably do.  Despite the disappointing rides, the entire day was terrific and included dinner at an Italian restaurant close by, that Mike recommended (sorry – I can’t remember the name)!Couple of things – there are NO restrooms at this park, not even Porta-Potties so be forewarned.  There is a MacDonalds a short drive down the road, but that’s it, so be sure to plan ahead.  Also, this isn’t a lovely, walk on the beach type park.  It’s on a hill and overlooks the ocean, so the views are great but other than flying (or watching flyers) there’s not a huge amount there.  OH! – I almost forgot to mention on other amazing thing…while we were waiting for the wind we started hearing what sounded like a huge bunch of children shouting and yelling…then we realized it was wild coyotes!  I’ve heard coyotes before, but nothing like this – AMAZING and it went on for several minutes with their sounds echoing off of the mountain…THAT made it another GREAT day!

  • jennaainsworth

    My friend Sydney and I went on 8/13/2018 and had an incredible time with our instructors Mike and Bonnie. They gave us some preflight instructions that were easy for anyone to follow. The location was easy to get to with a gps and with the written instructions on the website.The cliffs were beautiful and the ocean looked amazing. We even saw whales and dolphins in the distance. Mike and Bonnie were fun and easy to talk to and are very experienced in paragliding. Our flight was approximately 20-30 minutes long. We would definitely recommend everyone takes the time to view the Pacific coast through the eyes of paragliding. Such an unforgettable experience.

  • Eekie P.
    Eekie P.

    This is awesome! My son and I celebrated his 15th birthday with a flight with Paragliding SF. Mike is totally cool and is an expert on local conditions. Had so much fun! What a way to fly! We’ll be back for sure!


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