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You can use the link below to book you flight online or if you would prefer not to pay the credit card / booking fee you are also welcome to pay with cash the day of your flight. If you’d like to pay cash please call in to make your reservation.

Fly today!

There are no age restrictions on flying and when you fly with us you’ll be flying with some of the most experienced tandem pilots in the world. Tandem flights usually last around 30 to 40 minutes but there is no hard time limit. The most important thing for us is that you have a great experience, so we typically just stay in the air until you are ready to land! Call today to schedule your flight! 415-340-1999

Is Paragliding Safe?

Modern paragliders are incredibly well-designed and reliable. The flying sites we use are specifically chosen for their predictable weather conditions which make them perfect for flying and our instructors have done thousands of tandem flights over the years and have a perfect safety record. So yes paragliding with us is very safe!

What Will I See?

A short 15-minute drive from  San Francisco we are blessed with one of the most beautiful flying sites in the world! It is not uncommon to see dolphins, whales, seals and even the occasional shark as we fly high along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Paragliding is a weather dependent sport. Please understand that certain weather conditions may require us to delay or reschedule your tandem flight. If this happens and you have already paid you have the option to either receive a full refund or simply reschedule your flight for another day. 

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