Paragliding Preflight Check List

R 1 2 3 4 STARVE

R. Reserve Parachute 

Check the handle and pins to make sure everything is secure.

 1.  Helmet Strap 

 Check to make sure it is securely fastened. You should never attach yourself to a glider without your helmet on.

 2.  Carabiners 

Check to make sure that the gates are closed and locked.

 3  Harness Buckles 

Give them a tug to make sure they are securely buckled.

 4   Corners 

From the two A risers and two D risers follow the lines up to the canopy to make sure they are clear and there no snags, knots, etc.

S. Stirrup & Speed System 

Check to see that your speed system is properly attached, routed, and clear of your reserve parachute handle. If you have a foot stirrup check to see that it is clear of your speed system and will be easily accessible after launch. This usually means putting one leg through/behind the stirrup bar.

T. Top & Turn

Make sure the correct riser is on top for the direction you will be turning after a reverse launch.

A. Airspace 

Check the surrounding airspace to avoid collisions during launch.

R. Radio

Make sure it is on the correct frequency and that you can transmit and receive.

V. v-shape

Check for V’s between brake lines and rear risers to avoid brake line twists.

E. Even pressure

Ensure the tension on A-lines are even as you prepare to inflate your glider.
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