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The Forza is a modern and sleek high performance design intended for experienced XC pilots, or pilots looking to begin serious XC flying. It is comfortable, lightweight and aerodynamic. Ideal for soaring, XC and competition flying, the Forza is ergonomically designed from the ground up for everyday XC performance.

The Forza’s seatboardless design sets a new standard for comfort and performance in the seatboardless harness class. If you have never tried a seatboardless harness, or aren’t sure about them, the Forza is bound to win you over.

The Forza is a versatile harness with all of the necessary features required by the modern discerning pilot. The highly ergonomic seatboardless system yields excellent handling and comfort, thanks to carefully structured geometry.

Overall, the Forza is a minimalistic and sleek design – we have avoided an excess of buckles, straps, and obscure adjustments that tend to add more weight and confusion than quality to some harnesses. At the same time, the Forza is completely loaded with essential and useful features. A very careful selection of materials has minimized weight and bulk, and maximized aerodynamic efficiency.

  • 9 size combinations to ensure proper fit
  • Easily removable neoprene pod
  • Integrated multifunctional cockpit
  • Anti-forget chest strap/pod closing system
  • 17 cm main mousse (back foam) (LTF certified)
  • Additional 7 cm mousse (back foam) throughout the upper back and shoulder area
  • Exemplary rescue release system (LTF certified)
  • Includes rescue inner bag & handle combination
  • Compatible with steerable rescue systems
  • Compatible with tube drinking system (pocket & opening)
  • Velcro mount at shoulder for mini vario or emergency beacon
  • Adjustable webbing speedbar, with brummel hooks
  • Additional attachment loops for 40mm speed-system pulley


The Forza features an interchangeable pod system. You can choose between three different pods when ordering your Forza.

  1. Forza Neoprene Pod: The neoprene pod is the original standard option. It is the warmest and most durable pod material that is available for the Forza. (Pod weight 2070g). The Neoprene pod is delivered with large flight deck and pen holder.
  2. Forza 720 Pod: The 720 is the middle of the range for the Forza options. It still offers good warmth and durability for frequent XC flying. (Pod weight 1090g).
  3. Ozium 570 Pod: The 570 is the lightest option available with the Forza, and is ideal for pilots who want the solidity and comfort of the Forza but want to reduce pack volume and weight as much as possible. (Pod weight 790g).

The 720 and 570 pod packs are delivered with adjustment and closing lines, the Forza Footplate, Cockpit Wedge, Cockpit Foam, Pod Bungee, Speedline, and the Foot Elastic with Red Ball. If you already own a Forza and you would like to lighten your harness by converting to the 570 or 720 version, then you can do this by ordering a Pod Pack. The 570 and 720 pod packs do not include flight deck or pen holder.


  • 2 large pockets with secure loops and magnet closure on pod
  • 2 small pockets with secure loops on harness
  • Removable radio pocket
  • Large storage pocket at the back with smaller secure compartments
  • Under-leg ballast pocket (volume 6-7 liters)


  • Provides storage
  • Can function as Anti-G pocket with magnet-opening system
  • Integrated flight deck with battery pocket
  • Additional, removable larger flight deck with pen holder

Weight for size MM: 5.6 kg (including 2kg for the standard Neoprene pod, 0.12kg for carabiners)


155-165 S S
165-175 M S
175-185 M M
185-195 L M
195-205 L L
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.

S, M, L


Blue, Green, Red

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