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USHPA P4 Certification


To qualify for the Advanced Paragliding Pilot P4 rating, you are required to demonstrate all of the requirements set forth by the USHPA. In addition you need to have attended at least one SIV clinic. 

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In this one to two day course you will refine your skills and gain the technical knowledge necessary to pass the USHPA P4 written exam.

Before signing up for this course you must have met all the logged requirements.

P3 or equivalent rating/experience
At least 5 flights at each of 5 different sites
At least three, 1-hour flights in thermal lift
Minimum of 80 flying days
Minimum of 250 flights
Minimum of 75 hours of air time
Minimum of 5 different paragliders flown
Have attended at least one SIV clinic


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