Basic Paragliding Equipment Package

This is the most important piece of equipment. As a beginner you’ll be flying EN-A rated wing which is forgiving of mistakes and easy to fly.
The wing we usually recommend to students is the Ozone Mozie. Ozone is the larges paragliding manufacturer by a wide margin and as a result has a substantial budget for RND. Their wings consistently lead the industry in performance, easy of use and safety.       Add to Cart


The harness is what you will sit in while flying, and it is important to choose one that is comfortable and provides good support. The harness we usually recommend to students is the Sup’Air Access Airbag 2.            Add to Cart



Reserve Parachute
This is a safety device that will deploy in the event of an emergency. It is important to have a reserve parachute that is properly packed and maintained.             Add to Cart


There are many good options for helmets and you’re welcome to use you own if you have one. Snow boarding, mountain biking and rock climbing helmets all work great. Ozone offers the paragliding specific shield helmet which which you can order here.               Add to Cart


There are lot’s of options out there for radios the Yeasu FT 65 is a good quality affordable one which you can pick up on Amazon here.  


Optional Equipment


If you plan to do any thermal flying, you’ll most likely want to pick up a variometer. The XC Tracer Mini5 Solar GPS-Vario is one of the better ones and pretty reasonable priced.           Add to Cart

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