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Colombias Cauca valley is a gorgeous setting to fly and advance your thermal and Cross Country flying skill. It is primarily a sugarcane growing area where there are always ample places to land safely, with a transversal highway and secondary roads that facilitate retrieve from wherever you land. The people of the Valley are friendly and love to see paraglider pilots, you will be greeted with a smile anywhere you land. Colombias colorful landscapes, warm climate, biodiversity and delicious food will have you never wanting to leave!

  • 10 days of thermal flying, daily coaching, evening debriefs and more.
  • Shuttle to and from the paragliding sites & retrieves.
  • Daily tasks and group review of your flights.
  • Talks with world class XC instructors.
  • Instructional Tandem Flights. (Optional)
  • Hotel Accommodation with private room, bathroom, pool and amenities.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Colombian phone number with internet. (Unlocked phone required)

GPS live tracking.

For your safety and to organize your retrieval after landing, and to review your flights at the end of each day. We use an App on your phone which sends your GPS location to a tracking website while you’re flying.


You must have at least your USHPA P2 pilot rating or international equivalent. Bring your own flight equipment, with reserve parachute, helmet, VHF 2m Radio, a vario (for XC) and unlocked mobile phone. Your are also responsible for your own airfare.

Airport Shuttle

We provide a free airport transfer only from/to the Palmira airport on the set travel dates. We require a minimum of 3 people booked to run the shuttle. The shuttle service departs from Palmira airport on the arrival date.


If you cannot take our airport shuttle service then you can try another way to get here:

RENT A CAR: Hiring a car could be the best option and sometimes is cheaper than to take a bus. There are several Rental Car Companies in the airports which offer good prices.

TAXI: You can arrange a private taxi. The price from Aeropuerto Internacional Alfonso Bonilla Aragón is approx. 30 USD.

In the daily briefings, we review the weather conditions and set a task appropriate for the skills of the group (with smaller cylinders for the most skilled pilots or with better performance wings) we will review the possible landing places on the route and the difficulties that may arise. At evening we will meet in the classroom to analyze the group’s track, the decisions that were made and what could have been done better. There will be talks about XC by some of the best pilots in Colombia.

Our guided tours are run by experienced instructors who’s interest is not just with those pilots that fly the furthest, but they take an active interest in the ability and progress of everyone in the group. We will always be available to help you solve your doubts, teach you how to use the flight instrument, adjust your equipment and help you improve your strategy and flight in all aspects. If you are stuck on something, our instructors can take you in tandem to show you first-hand how to make the best decisions.

You will benefit from the knowledge of the local instructors. Our staff are Colombian. We were born here, learned to fly in these mountains and we know our place. We are here to guide you, translate and also help you with anything not related to paragliding.

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