P3 / P4 Certification

Take your flying skill to the next level. Pilots seeking their P3 or P4 certification and who have met the USHPA requirements can schedule a training session with us for evaluation and testing.  We’ll  go over the the USHPA requirements with you, review your logbook and evaluate your kiting / spot landings to ensure you have the skill to safely launch and land more advanced flying sites. 

You’ll also be provide you with a study guide to help you pass you P3 and P4 written exam. 

P3 Prerequisites
P2 or international equivalent
20 hours of solo air time
30 flying days
90 Logged flights

P4 Prerequisites
P3 or international equivalent
At least 5 flights at each of 5 different sites
At least three, 1-hour flights in thermal lift
80 flying days
250 flights
75 hours of air time
5 different paragliders flown
In addition to having met all the USHPA P4 requirements you will need to have attended at least one SIV Clinic to receive your P4 rating.

Price: $350 *(Free for PGSF graduates with with gear purchase)

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