Parasailing in San Francisco?

Many of our customers confuse paragliding and parasailing so what’s the difference? Aren’t parasailing and paragliding the same thing? The short answer is, no the two sports are very different.  We have put this page together to help people understand the differences.

So what is Parasailing?

Parasailing, sometimes also referred to as parascending or parakiting is a recreational, tourist activity, in which an individual is fitted with a harness attached to a circular canopy which is towed into the air behind a boat or car. Passengers have no directional control of the parachute while they are in the air and are simply towed along by the tow vehicle. 

Parasailing was originally developed in the 1962 by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne as a training tool for parachutists. Towing up from the ground allowed parachutists to practice their landings without the need for an aircraft which made it a lot more economical. 

The parasailing industry has come under increased scrutiny in recent years, do to numerous fatalities and overall safety concerns reported by the National Transportation and Safety Board.  


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