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This harness school will accompany both the pilot in his learning and progress and the instructors in transmitting the fundamentals of the activity and sharing the pleasures of solo flight.

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For years Sup’Air the Access harnesses have been the trusted companion of paragliding instructors and students around the world. Drawing on extensive feedback from the field, we have meticulously crafted the Access 2 with a focus on enhancing passive safety, durability, and efficiency in both flight and ground handling. Our goal is to simplify the instructor’s role and alleviate the student’s concerns, allowing them to concentrate solely on their learning, unburdened by the constraints of their harness.

In terms of protection, the Access 2 Airbag features a number of significant improvements. An interchangeable mylar now ensures lasting protection, while a redesigned parachute pocket with a double-ribbed handle minimizes the risk of accidental opening during ground handling. Additionally, the harness retains the protective Mini-bump, which is positioned between the backrest and the parachute.

The speedbar passage has been redesigned for greater fluidity and ease of use. A dedicated pocket has also been added to store the speedbar, preventing it from becoming a nuisance during training sessions. Furthermore, our development team has reinforced the radio pocket and chest protectors. The Access 2 now features enveloping sidewalls that incorporate large storage pockets while providing a reassuring sense of security for the pilot.

The Access 2 Airbag also boasts a sleek, modern design. The choice of materials is uncompromising, with Cordura fabric remaining the primary material for maximum durability while achieving a weight reduction compared to the Access 1.

Whether you opt for the Airbag or Bump version, the Access 2 is built around a common base that includes the geometry, seat, accessories, parachute container, storage back pocket, and Mini-bump. Finally, the sizing of the harness has been revised to ensure that the three sizes (S, M, and L) accommodate a wider range of pilot builds.

Airbag or Bump, the choice is yours. Simply select the version of the Access 2 that will best support your progression or that of your students.



S, M, L

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