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Advance ALPHA 6


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    The ALPHA 6 is the perfect paraglider for first flights, learning more, and occasional flying. As a beginner, you can trust this wing 100%. The ALPHA model is the well-tried classic for first flights, and after basic training, offers many possibilities of exploring further afield. This 6th generation of the ALPHA series is modern in concept, founded on many years’ experience, and promises reliability and durability.Fly light and easy Easy takeoff : A revised ALPHA 6 line concept leaves the wing with visibly fewer suspension points and fewer lines – easy to sort and easy to see. After a simple takeoff your ALPHA 6 is in the air. The ALPHA 6 is also light – thanks to carefully designed internal structure and high-quality materials.

    Modern flying Great in the air : Modern Advanced Air Inlet Technology brings flying safety and wing stability. The typical ADVANCE combination of semi-circular intakes with an Air Scoop provides higher pressure in the wing at high angles of attack. This results in progressive brake loading and minimizes any tendency to spin when turning. This means more passive safety.

    Simply more power Lasting fun : Modern design ensures that the fun continues long after your training with your ALPHA 6. Double 3D shaping around the leading edge creates a smooth upper wing surface, giving you better performance. The spartan line concept with its sophisticated diagonal ribs inside further raises gliding performance – noticeably high for the A classification. Only three line levels and two gallery floors. Simpler and easier to see makes short work of line sorting. The completely revised ALPHA6 line concept results in 20% fewer line meters and 35 % fewer line items. Its hardly necessary to point out that this considerable reduction in total line length clearly improves glide performance at trim speed and especially when accelerated. Modern “Air Scoop Technology’ at the leading edge now applies to the ALPHA 6. Combined with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular intakes this feature results in a significantly lower separation point with clearly progressive brake loading. Brake travel is 15 % longer than the ALPHA 5 value, so passive safety is enhanced. The ALPHA 6 risers have a new “Easy Connect System”, which helps the pilot hook in correctly by using a colored marking system. This reduces the probability of the nervous beginner connecting a twisted riser, or attaching the risers to the wrong carabiners. For maximum compatibility among ADVANCE products the same colored markings will also apply, in future, to all ADVANCE harness suspension points. Big ears made easy. The ALPHA 6 outer A-line has its own easily reachable riser, making it easy to pull effective big ears. Taking off with both A-risers in hand is also simplified by the “Quick-Snap” magnet system which holds them together on the ground. Line sorting remains child’s play. After pull up the risers separate and take up their flying position.


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