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Advance PI 3


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Product Details

PI 3 – Light Versatility

For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun factor. Originally conceived as a product to fulfill a specific demand, the PI series has become an established feature of our wing selection. The “Light Versatility” motto will carry even higher significance in this third generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is even lighter and more compact.


Different demands depending on size

The 16 and 19 sizes are more directed towards extreme Hike & Fly and Climb & Fly adventures – they have been uncompromisingly optimised for minimum weight and volume. Nitinol wires at the leading edge and extremely light Dominico 10D cloth make minimalistic weight a reality. From the 21 size the focus is more on ease of use and durability, and here we employ well-tried Porcher Skytex 27gm cloth and use Nylon wires.


New unified risers

The PI 3 has only one riser version; the advantages of the previous versions have been combined. This riser is extremely light but also easy to manage. 21 to 27 sizes have split A-risers for easy big ears: the smaller 16 and 19 do not have this function so save weight. Like all ADVANCE risers, all sizes have the popular and useful Easy Connect system.

PI 3161921232527
Flat surfacem216.
Projected surfacem21416.718.420.121.923.7
Recommended takeoff weightkg50-9050-7565-8575-9585-10597-115
Increased takeoff weightkg75-9585-10095-110105-120115-125
Glider weightkg1.852.152.552.752.953.15
Projected spanm7.
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Number of cells383838383838
Certification Recommended takeoff weightEN-CEN-BEN-AEN-AEN-AEN-A
Certification increased takeoff weightEN-BEN-BEN-BEN-BEN-B


Pilot requirements

Higher wing loadings mean more demanding flight characteristics and handling. Small wings are basically more agile and demanding to fly, even when they are flown at normal wing loadings. Loading recommendations for Beginner, Recreational pilot and Expert are given in the table. A new feature is the fact that the PI 3 19 remains EN/LTF B certified over its entire weight range.


16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27


Fire, White

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