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Dual Lite Tandem by BGD



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If you have a lightweight tent (for two), two -10 degree sleeping bags, a gas burner, a couple of reversible harnesses, a GPS tracker and two flexible jobs, the Dual LITE is for you.
The Dual LITE is designed specifically for adventurous teams. Its performance, safety, and weight have been optimised for long vol-bivouac flights and hike-and-fly.


Extra water, food or wine could make up for the almost 1.1 kg of weight we have skimmed off the Dual (without losing much durability). With a mix of carefully allocated 27, 34, and 40 gramme cloth the EN-B certified Dual LITE feels like its parent – power steering, loads of feedback, and efficient characteristics.


Flying Style BGD Dual Lite Tandem


BGD Dual Lite Tandem Glider


Just after Tyr was born I was trying to convince Arna that paragliders are as nice as hang gliders. I wanted to charm her into the sport with a lovely XC flight. We took off one sunny morning from Séderon, France and headed into the heart of the Vercors. It was a glorious flying day. We soared low and slow along cliffs and over grazing deer. We caressed the cumulus clouds with our wing tip. I wanted to show her that flying a slow aircraft could be really rewarding. She enjoyed it so much she was constantly attempting to back/front-seat-pilot the tandem. She soon realised it was best to just let go and enjoy the strong thermals.

80km and five hours later, slightly sore but glowing, we landed in La Chapelle-en-Vercors next to a perfect little restaurant where we had dinner. Arna now flies an EN-B Wasp and is a part owner of BGD. I think I convinced her.

I designed the Dual LITE to help convince friends/partners/spouses that paragliding is a convenient, adventurous sport. Whether it is a simple hike and fly or a long Vol-bivouac expedition the Dual LITE delivers.

Like the Dual, the Dual LITE is a wing that has a very clean leading edge (Cord Cut Billow) making the low cell count (50 cells) feasible thus reducing the weight, line consumption and complexity of the paraglider. I think the Dual LITE really benefits from the Dual’s renowned light handling. Its launching characteristics even surprised me – the wing floats up with very little effort from the pilot.


Top surface front: Dominico D30 soft
Top surface rear: Porcher 7000 Universal 27g/m²
Bottom surface: Porcher 7000 Universal 27g/m²
Ribs: Porcher 70032 hard 32g/m² hard finish
Internal: Porcher 70032 hard 32 g/m² hard finish
Nose reinforcing: Plastic wire 2.5mm and 2.0 mm
Risers: 20mm black nylon
Top lines: Liros DC100 & 160
Middle lines: Liros TSL140, 220, 280
Lower lines: Liros TSL 500, 380, 280, 220
Brakes: Liros DSL70, PPSL120, DSL350



  • Paraglider
  • Rucksack
  • Light spreaders
  • 2 karabiners
  • Replacement trimmers
  • BGD T-shirt
  • USB stick with manuals
  • BGD stickers
  • Repair kit
  • Break handle inserts
  • Stuff sack
  • Riser bag
  • Compression strap


For the mountains

Designed from the already very efficiently constructed Dual, the Dual LITE is an ultra light mountain version.

Power Steering

The Dual LITE has been designed to respond quickly on the brakes with light brake pressure giving the feeling of ‘power steering’. This makes the Dual’s handling close to that of a solo wing.

Cord Cut Billow (CCB)

Cord Cut Billow technology has been developed to improve the form friction, glider stability and overall performance of our paragliders. Two seams run chord-wise across the top panels of the leading edge to accommodate the panel ballooning that happens when the wing is inflated. Up to five centimetres of excess material is created on the sides of an inflated flat panel bending over a wing profile. Cord Cut Billow technology absorbs the material with a 3D panel resulting in fewer ripples and improved rib profile shape and stability.

Nose Job

We have added plastic in the leading edge to help with inflation, resist wear and tear, and reduce weight overall. We also found a good nose job helps with penetration into lift.

Elliptical Cell Openings

We have found that elliptical cell openings give better lower surface tension making for smoother inflation, and re-inflation after collapses.

Tandem – Trimmers

There is a long positive trimmer range on the Dual giving a very nice speed range.


Dual Lite Tandem Paraglider Colors BGD
Dual Lite Tandem Paraglider Colors

Flame, Titan

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