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Gin Pegasus 3


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  • A “do everything” wing that’s perfect for a least the first 2 seasons of your career

    The Pegasus 3 is a universal paramotoring wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that is also fun to fly, both with and without a motor.


    • Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for better inflation
    • Simple and clean 3 riser layout
    • riser with speed system (PG) and trimmer (PPG)
    • dual hangpoints for optimal adaptation to the motor system
    • adjustable position of upper brake pulley to suit individual pilot needs
    • additional lower brake pulley for very high attachments (e.g. trike)
    • increased brake length and lower brake pulleys for trike (sizes 28 and 30)
    • colour-coded trim strap for more precise adjustment colour-coded lines for easy identification
    • strong and durable materials
    • trailing edge mini-ribs

24, 26, 28, 30


Coral, Blue, Lemon

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