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Gin Yeti 5


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    The Yeti 5 is a light wing suitable for a wide range of pilots and uses – from beginners to experienced pilots and from leisurely hike and flys to mountain adventures.

    The Yeti 5 is our hike ’n fly wing re-imagined. It’s lighter and more compact than ever, the take-off is simplicity itself, and thermalling is a delight. The all-new planform means the wing is rapidly airborne; the low stall speed makes for gentle and controlled landings, even in the tightest spots. Whether you’re a hike ’n fly aficionado or a student pilot looking for a light wing, the Yeti 5 is sure to provide the key to your adventure.

    Hike ’n fly, re-imagined

    The Yeti 5 represents a significant departure from the Yeti 4. Thanks to the lower aspect ratio and reduced cell number, it’s even easier to fly, lighter and more compact. This makes it ideal as a first or leisure wing, besides hike ’n fly and true mountain use.

    1,2,3: Take off!

    Taking off has never been easier. The lines are easy to sort out, the wing comes up effortlessly and stabilises quickly above your head. Thanks to the wing tensioning the minimum speed is very low, which means you will be airborne with just a few steps.



      Flat area (m2)20.5023.0024.9027.02
      Flat span (m)9.6610.2310.6411.09
      Flat aspect ratio4.554.554.554.55
      Projected area (m2)17.9520.1321.823.65
      Projected span (m)7.898.398.79.06
      Projected aspect ratio3.473.473.473.47
      Chord (m)2.612.762.883
      Number of cells33333333
      Glider weight (kg)2.412.662.813.06
      Weight range (kg)50-7565-9075-10085-110
      Extended weight (kg)75-9090-100100-110110-120
      CertificationEN AEN AEN AEN A


      • Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) profile for stability and performance
      • 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise
      • thin, sheathed PPSL Dyneema lower and mid lines with unsheathed upper lines
      • Optimized internal construction and line attachment points for weight saving
      • Optimized sail tension on the leading edge
      • Mini-ribs on the trailing edge improve handling and performance
      • Speed system with Harken pulleys
      • Gathering (reefing) system on the trailing edge
      • Fabric selected for the lightest weight: 34g front top surface and 27g top surface rear and bottom surface
      • Also available with optional Dyneema risers

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Lime, Orange

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