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PHI Symphonia (EN A++)


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PHI Symphonia


Resuming a Revolution

The SYMPHONIA is a super-high A-wing (A++) with a very high technical effort for its class: 50 cells, inside sewing miniribs, double 3D shaping, brake reef system all over the wingspan, 32g high-quality Porcher cloth, diagonal finger straps, very reduced rigging, unsheeted lines, as well as wrinkle-reducing reinforcements.

These complex techniques in combination with a very clean surface finish are widening the performance frame in the A-class by a significant margin.

Never before this kind of performance and speed was combined with such a high level of safety and comfort. Never before this kind of performance was safely flyable by such a big target group.



  • Ground Handling the PHI Symphonia 26


Available Colors

Fly2Base PHI Symphonia Serial Colours


Designer’s Note

Our PHI SYMPHONIA is opening the door to a new era: high performance wings have reached A class safety. A pilot can develop himself and choose to fly a simple training hill wing, a classical beginner wing or finally a high-performance wing without taking more risks by leaving the A class.

The idea to expand the usual one-dimensional relation between gliders classification and complexity, however, is not new. Traditionally, A-wings are technically very simple, as D wings are very complex. Building technically complex wings in the A-class is extruding the scale to a two-dimensional field: the relationship between classification and complexity is not linear anymore.

Some years ago, I was able to push the limits by a revolution in the B class with the Mentor 2 and 3. These low aspect ratio wings were found on the top of the XC rankings and impressed many classical high-performance pilots which normally flew more demanding wings.

Through progress in technology and knowledge, it is now possible to repeat the same in the A class. The SYMPHONIA is resuming the revolution of safe, low aspect ratio wings!

As the B-class got wider and wider in the last years, it was the next logical step to raise a new standard by presenting a high-performance wing in the A-class. Enjoy!
Hannes Papesh`


Technical Data



Weight Ranges




After the first comparison flights, pilots usually ask about the secrets of the SYMPHONIA. Since it has the technical complexity of a modern high-level B-wing, the performance is surprisingly high. Especially against the wind, the SYMPHONIA shows its performance potential impressively by pulling forward, when it picks up the energy of a gust, instead of banking up and getting slower.

The airfoil is showing a very high level of stability and form stiffness but is collapsing softly and reacting harmless in case of a deflation. We also love the clean surface finish. The technical and handwork skills of our factory (Aerodynamics in Sri Lanka) made it possible, that the canopy seams of the 3D shaping and the colour design are as clean as never before. In combination with a new, optimized 3D shaping concept, the airfoil smoothness is reaching a new level.

Some secrets we will keep to ourselves, but an important factor for this success is time: that time, that the research and development team took to improve the prototypes and to reach the target of an A-rating safety without restraining performance and speed.

Scope of Delivery

  • Glider
  • PHI Harmonica 43 Concertina Compress Bag
  • Repair Kit


PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE – 12 months Accidental Damage Protection
Your glider and our Promise. We do everything to ensure that you are fully enjoying your new PHI paraglider. In the annoying case of unintentional damage, your wing is comprehensively protected with PHI promise within the first year of usage. We will replace lines as required, change panels as necessary or glue small holes. We are restoring airworthiness. In case of irreparable damage, the current value of your wing will be deducted to a new PHI wing, according to prior agreement. Because quality and customer care are our main priorities. We mean it honestly with our promise. That’s why you won’t find any small print here.


XS – 18, S – 20, M – 22, L – 24, XL – 26


Red/Petrol, Bordeaux/White, Orange/Petrol, Blue/Sun

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