USHPA P2 Training Resources

The Art of Paragliding
Chapters 1 through 9 cover information required to pass the USHPA P2 Test.

Flight Log 
35 flight logged flight required for P3 Certification.


Test Study Guide
USHPA P2 test preparation material. 

When you’re ready contact you instructor for a password to access the test. 

Other Resources

Continuing Education

Understanding the Sky by Dennis Pagen
The bible for free flight pilots who want to understand the weather.

Thermal Flying by Burkhard Martens
Comprehensive guide to thermalling and cross-country flying.




Paragliding Earth
Map of most flying sites around the world. 

XC Skies 
Weather site focused on thermal forecasting for soaring pilots. 

Paragliding Forum
Massive online community of paraglider pilots with discussions on every topic imaginable as well as used gear sales. 

Ground School Video Library

Emergency Procedures Part 1
What to do when things go wrong.

Airspace Regulations
Airspace regulations and how to read sectional charts.

Thermal Forecast
How to use

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