Blue Rock

General Information

Blue Rock has been flown regularly site since early 2009. The site is unregulated but should be considered a P3 site due to strong imbedded thermic conditions especially during the summer months. There are also lots of rocks and sharp boulders hidden in the grass as well as other obstacles both on launch and in the landing zones.  P2 pilots should contact a local instructor for a site introduction and fly only when other pilots are present. 

Type of Flying

Blue Rock offers both ridge soaring and a thermal flying depending on the day and weather conditions. For beginning pilots the best days to fly are days with low thermic activity and a steady west wind between 9 and 12 miles per hour. More advanced pilots may attempt  cross country flights to the north on days with stronger thermic activity. 


Blue Rock is located on Vallejo City Park land which has been set aside for public use. The land is frequented by hikers and mountain bikers.  It is also used by cattle which are often times found grazing both at the lower launches, at mid-launch and in the landing zones. If cattle are present please be respectful and give them plenty of space.  We have established a good relationship with the city and local community in Vallejo so please be respectful flying Blue Rock. 

Wind & Weather

West at 8-12 MPH
Flyable from: (ssw-wnw)


GPS: lat, lng : 38.1379, -122.195


There are two parking locations: 

Solano Community College Vallejo Center
545 Columbus Pkwy, Vallejo, CA 94591


The Solano Community College parking lot is paid parking with permits available for $2 per day. If you plan to fly Blue Rock frequently you may consider purchasing a permit.
Please be aware that cars parked in at this location frequently get broken into so be sure not to leave anything of value in your vehicle. If you’re concerned about getting your car broken into a safer parking option is the Lowe’s parking lot located just West of the College. 


Site Photos

Local Contacts

Mike Fifield  –  530 263 7558
Joel McMinn – 707 968 7628 
Ron Lee – 707 333 8308
Rob Black – 707 853 6912
Joe Cruz – 707 688 5483

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